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Make breakthrough improvements to a product or a process with Design-Expert® software. You can not only screen for vital factors, but also locate ideal process settings for top performance and discover optimal product formulations.


Design-Expert® provides many powerful statistical tools, such as:

  • Two-level factorial screening designs: Identify the vital factors that affect your process or product.
  • Response surface methods (RSM): Find the optimal process settings to achieve peak performance.
  • Handle hard-to-change factors via split plot design and analysis
  • Mixture design techniques: Discover the ideal recipe for your product formulation.
  • Combinations of process factors, mixture components, and categorical factors: Mix your cake (with different ingredients) and bake it too!
  • Screen and optimize in one go using Definitive Screening Designs

Use rotatable 3D plots to view response surfaces from all angles. Use your mouse to set flags and explore the contours on interactive 2D graphs. The numerical optimization function finds maximum desirability for dozens of responses simultaneously!

Improvements made to Design Expert® over the years have been useful and worth the upgrade if you already own a license. The recently released Version 10 adds blocking to Definitive Screening Designs and a wealth of extra design and analysis options for split-plot. It introduces a multiple-graphs view to easily compare factor effects and to keep en eye on all response surfaces when optimizing. Check out a detailed list of (new) features.

Note that v10 of Design-Ease®, the two-level-only little sister to Design Expert®, is not out yet.


Design Expert® is not demanding at all and works fine on any reasonably new Windows computer.


Give Design-Expert® a try yourself and download a free 30-day trial !


Single-User licenses:

QuantityDesign-Ease (DE9)Design-Expert (DX10)
1-2€ 570*€ 1140*
3-4€ 520*€ 1030*

Upgrade fromTo Design-Expert 10
DX 9€ 440
DX 8.1 or older€ 700
Any Design-Ease€ 600


Network licenses:

Network licenses are sold on an annual basis, renewable each year.  The yearly fee includes free updates and upgrades to the next version, as well as free technical support.  Annual licenses are available in 3, 5, 10 (and up in multiples of 5) seat configurations.  Contact us to quote higher quantities.

QuantityDesign-Expert 10
3-seat€ 1200


Academic licenses:

 Design-Expert 10
Single-user Class or unfunded research (perpetual license)€ 260*
NEW! Single-user Class or unfunded research (annual license)€ 90
Single-user Research€ 900
Network Research 3-seat€ 960
Network Class or unfunded research 5-seat€ 220
Network Class or unfunded research 10-seat€ 440


*The first year of new single-user purchases includes 12 months of Annual Service & Maintenance (ASM) for free. It may be renewed thereafter at 22% of the then current price of the software.


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