Needful Stats

Needful Stats is a collection of programs and Matlab routines that we developed for our consulting work. They are currently available as Matlab callable functions. Stand-alone versions for Windows will become available later.

The following programs are available:


Point-and-Click data analysis is nice and very insightful.  However, once you have reached a certain level of experience, Point-and-Click can be painstakingly  slow.  For these more experienced users we offer Autolyze; a single-click program for the analysis of multivariable regression problems, aimed at designed experiments. 

Autolyze performs:

  • Stepped Multiple Linear Regression (MLR)
    • First-order models
    • Two-factor interaction models
    • Quadratic model
  • All-in-1 Word document report


Props is a tool for principal-properties design tightly knitted with Design Expert software.

Principal properties design is a way of dealing with categorical variables with many levels, based on Principal Component Analysis (PCA).


Gonogo serves as a feasibility study for multivariate regression analysis by performing:

  • Near-replicate analysis
  • Maximum R2 estimation