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Solo includes all the tools you need to develop models for research or on-line purposes, includes many advanced data processing features, and is appropriate for novice and expert users alike. On top, the pricing of SOLO is beyond competition !

Solo consists of Graphical Interfaces for easily managing and analyzing data, authoring and applying models and interpreting results. Data can be imported from a wide variety of different formats. Exploration and modeling starts with a drag-and-drop of the data into the intuitive Analysis interface.


  •  Data Exploration and Pattern Recognition (Principal Components Analysis, Parallel Factor Analysis, MCR, Purity…)
  • Regression Modeling (Partial Least Squares and Principal Components Regression, Classical Least Squares…)
  • Classification (PLS Discriminant Analysis, Cluster Analysis with Dendograms…)
  • Self-modeling Curve Resolution (MCR via Alternating Least Squares, Pure Variable methods, CODA_DW, Compare LCMS…)
  • Multivariate Statistical Process Control Modeling (PCA, Multiway PCA, PARAFAC…)
  • Advanced Graphical Data Set Editing and Visualization Tools
  • Advanced Customizable Order-Specific Preprocessing (Centering, Scaling, Smoothing, Derivatizing…)
  • Variable Selection (Genetic Algorithms, interval-PLS, pure variable methods…)
  • Missing Data Support


Solo requires MAC OSX (Intel), Linux, or Windows 2000, 2003, NT, XP, VISTA, or Windows 7 (32- or 64-bit). 250 MB of disk space and a recommended minimum of 500 MB of RAM (more may be necessary for some data) and a minimum of 16 bit color graphics are also required.


Give it a try yourself and download a free 30-day trial !


Industrial licenses:

Quantity Single-user license (1) Network license (2)
1-2 € 1800 € 2700
3-4 € 1620 € 2430
5-9 € 1440 € 2160
10+ € 1260 € 1890


Academic licenses (3):

Quantity Single-user license Network license
1-2 € 600  € 900
3-4 € 540 € 810
5-9 € 480 € 720
10+ € 420 € 630

(1) Single-computer license
(2) Network licenses can be used by multiple users. Prices are listed per seat. The number of 'seats' corresponds to the number of simultaneous users.
(3) Academic is defined as a 'degree granting institution'.  Research laboratories with no degree program are considered 'industrial'.  Companies associated with universities do not qualify.

Solo licenses automatically include a one-year maintenance agreement which gives you a full year of upgrades and support.  For details on the agreement of renewals, click here.