Training - General

Set-up and Focus

All courses focus on direct applicability and de-emphasize the mathematics and formulas behind the methods. All trainings are hands-on and can be organized with a variety of software.

What makes StatSquare unique is its customer-driven course portfolio: a number of courses are proposed but the customer can suggest alternatives, both in language, location, application domain or software and in content. Because of this tailor-made approach, our trainings are organised in-company only.

StatSquare's offices are located centrally in Western-Europe, but we operate world-wide !

General Statistics courses

These courses contain cases and examples from various fields of application and can be taught with a variety of software.


Our software-oriented courses range from short getting-started workshops over standard courses with a particular software, to courses organized in collaboration with the software manufacturer.


These courses will contain cases and exercises from a specific field (e.g. DOE for chemistry).