Software-oriented training - Design-Expert®

The following Design-Expert course is offered:

Design of Experiments with Design Expert

Whatever you want to investigate or optimize, the optimal way of doing it is called Design of Experiments (DOE), a.k.a. Experimental Design, Statistical Design of Experiments (SDE) or Multi-Variable Testing (MVT).

Course objective

As a result of this course, you'll be able to analyze a problem and develop a real "feel" for statistics. You'll be able to choose an appropriate technique in Design Expert for the most common types of problems and interpret the results correctly.

Prior knowledge
For Module I, no prior knowledge is assumed. For modules II and III a basic knowledge of statistics - as treated in the course Statistics in Practice - is recommended.

Course contents

Module I: Doing the right experiments

  • One Variable At a Time versus Experimental Design
  • Synergies and Antagonistic effects: the concept of interacting variables
  • Replication, 2-level blocking variables and randomisation
  • Exploration: Full Factorial, Fractional Factorial, Minimum-Run designs
  • Optimization: Response-Surface-Model (RSM) designs

Module II: Analyzing designed experiments

  • Statistical analysis of the results
  • Graphical validation: residual analysis
  • Bringing the message: effects graphs, 3D and contour plots

Module III: Stepping up

  • Multi-response optimisation
  • Categorical variables: classical designs and their analysis
  • Multi-level blocking and random effects
  • Robustness investigation (minimising the influence of nuisance variables): Taguchi approach and alternatives

Course set-up
The course consists of three one-day modules with hands-on computer exercises. Module I is required for Modules II and III.